Camera Lens Mug Pro

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This 13.5 oz / 400 ml. mug looks exactly like a camera lens, and most people would actually not be able to tell that's it's a mug, before watching it close up!

The thing that separates this mug from the normal camera mug, and that makes this mug Pro, is that it includes the Pro Lid. The Pro Lid is a perfectly designed lid for this mug, which makes it look 100% like an original lens. It's also see through and spill proof, which are great bonuses!

Designed to look just like a 24-105 zoom lens, this mug is perfect for everyone that likes hot or cold drinks and photography.

The inner part of the mug is built of stainless steel while the outside is built of ABS, which makes it very durable and tough.

The special lid also makes this mug very special, and makes it look even more like a real DSLR lens, which is why it's called the Camera Lens Mug Pro.

Choose between black or white color.

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